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Whether it's a game, app, simulation, or website.  We have the knowledge and skills to take a project from concept to completion.

Recent Projects

Our work has been created for iOS, Android, phones, tablets, HTC VIVE, Oculus Quest, web browsers, PC and Mac.


A mobile app to teach students about construction management.

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Happy Cow Hangout

A website for a registered 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary.

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An HTC VIVE project for studying the influence a virtual avatar has on drinking habits.

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App released for iOS and Android with a library of and quiz for bark beetles.

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A multiplayer Oculus Quest and web-based simulation to visit virtual locations for training.

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Scribblenauts: Remix

One of the top puzzle games for iOS and Android

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VP Psychiatry

A web app to teach psychiatry patients how to better communicate with their providers.

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We also volunteer our time to helping kids learn how to make games, cleaning streets, and we donate to offset our (albeit minimal) carbon emissions.

What people are saying about us

Adam Hirsh, PhD
Director of the Pain Research Laboratory

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

What went well?

Dusty did everything he said he was going to do, did it quickly, and did it excellently. He went from prototype to final product in one iteration, which is much faster than I have experienced working with other developers in this field.

What could be improved?

I honestly can't think of anything, other than I wish I could buy more of his time to work on things that he is less interested in pursuing. Alas...

Jeff Boissoneault, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, Co-Director, Center for Pain Research and Behavioral Health

University of Florida

What went well?

Working with Dusty on our project was great. This was an unusual project and I appreciated his transparency and how straightforward he was throughout the development process -- estimated cost, feasibility, effort involved with implementing certain features, as well as his enthusiasm. The final product exceeds my expectations.

What could be improved?

Nothing comes to mind, but will let you know if something does.

Benjamin Lok, PhD
Professor, Director, Virtual Experiences Research Group (VERG)

University of Florida

What went well?

Professionalism working w/ entire team, code quality, constant delivery of work.

What could be improved?

Sharing system demos on a regular basis (helps when showing work to others).  Adding possible solutions when raising concerns.

Ricardo Eiris, PhD
Assistant Professor

Michigan Technological University

What went well?

The overall experience was great. It was easy to communicate goals and objectives that were achievable. The expectations were met and exceeded for the project we worked on.

What could be improved?

Unfortunately, we had a time constrained in this project on a weekly basis. I wished we had more time allocated so that more could have been done. However, it is important to highlight that even with this limitation, a lot of top quality work was achieved that I thought it could not have been done within the weekly time limits.

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