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Build with simple and powerful components to unleash your creativity.


Unity is your foundation.

Trigger Me Timbers has your building blocks.

Your complicated and messy code becomes simple reusable components.  Compose your game as the Unity team intended with Trigger Me Timbers.


Discover what makes Trigger Me Timbers better.

Easy To Use

We've spent a long time toiling over the elegant design, it works like magic.  We've made it so easy, a picaroon could use it.

Reusable Code

People are still building crazy and unexpected things out of our reusable components.

Save Time and Money

Stop writing huge custom classes and throwing developer time into a dumpster fire.  Empower your team.

Powerful Customization Options

Available when you need them, hidden when you don't.

Making waves with new indie devs and experienced industry professionals

" became easy to set up triggerable events for simple mechanics like opening passages or activating UI events. My favorite part was the ability to Spoof results. This made testing a lot easier!"

Cameron S  -  Developer for 2 years

"The reason I like Trigger Me Timbers is because it fundamentally changed how I think about making game behaviour.  But hey, I might be biased..."

Dusty H  -  Developer for over 10 years

"It allowed me as a designer to work on code-able objects within editor. I can make components a lot faster and see their connects within the editor as well. I was able to change UI functionality without even opening a script."

Steven C  -  Designer for over 8 years

"...easy to setup custom "Triggerable" objects that integrate with the whole trigger system.  Makes setting up systems in event based games, like RPGs, very easy to create through the unity editor.  Oh, also, a nice plus is the surprisingly thorough documentation."

Mason W  -  Programmer for 1 year

Don't waste time writing complicated MonoBehaviours

Create complex behaviour from simple behaviour in seconds, not hours



Trigger Me Timbers helps your project stay clean and customizable.

Object composition

Plug and play components

Customizable settings

Easy duplication

User centered design

Plenty of examples to get you started

API hooks

Practically infinite combinations

Source code access available soon

Includes DustProductions.Core

Get more work done with Trigger Me Timbers


Created to better humanity by

Dust Productions, LLC