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Prove My Prismatic Theorems

4 brain bending theorems with 20 unique levels.  Easy for me, but most of my interns quit before validating any of these experiments; I doubt you will do any better!


In "The Beginning" and "The Cube" you will learn how to manipulate prismatic matter.

Discover how to achieve prismatic alignment and use it to your advantage in "The Prism".

Become a master of orienting all 6 sides of science in "The Edge".

Earn my favor by optimally executing experiments and unlocking 5 additional bonus levels.  These are not for the weak minded!


Fund My Research

Pay you for your internship!?  You should be paying me for all this knowledge...  Wait a minute... yes...  Intern, by "donating" $4.99 to my research, I will show you 2 brand new theorems with 20 more levels and 5 additional bonus levels, giving you twice as many experiments to run.  Sounds like you'll be working overtime, you can thank me later!

I accidentally made the flooring sentient, and shortly after having done so, it decided to go on strike and went missing.  if you could take care of "The Disappearance" for me, I'd...  Well, I'd appreciate it.






There has been some transmissive interference within the cube as of late.  My last intern was researching some questionably safe teleporters before she quit without notice.

Use those teleporters to investigate the origin of "The Transmission" coming from deep within the 10 subdimensions of the Cube.  To be honest, I'm not even sure what you'll find down there.

Roll along the leading edge of cube based science with the 5 most advanced experiments ever known!

You will likely never see these, as it would necessitate your spatial reasoning ability to be even half of mine!  And that, Intern, seems highly unlikely...

Coming Soon

  • 20 challenging spatial puzzle levels
  • Unlock 5 more bonus levels by solving the puzzles more optimally
  • No ads, no timers, no recurring microtransactions, no selling your data.  This isn't some sort of dystopian spyware, this is REAL SCIENCE!
  • Optional $4.99 purchase to unlock 20 more levels with several new mechanics including 5 additional bonus levels for a total of 50 levels

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