4 Hearts Update

Dr. Cubit has been told by his colleagues he should be more kind.  As a result of this feedback, he has invented a number of impersonal innovations to appease his interns.  They are as follows:

It's now possible to earn 4 hearts per experiment


Bonus experiments only require a maximum of 3 hearts per level to unlock

Earning 3 hearts is much more lenient, while earning 4 hearts is the same as if you earned 3 hearts previously (your levels will be updated to the new count after updating the app)

The signs in the experiments shows the moves needed to earn the different heart amounts, as well as your best and number of moves until until you lose your next heart

Dr. Cubit and PRISMO will have some new things to say if you earn 3 or 4 hearts on an experiment.

Moving the cube is more predictable


Swiping without releasing in a direction causes the cube to partially roll in that direction, allowing you to preview the direction you will roll


You now cannot roll off the edges of a level by default.  There is a setting to change this back if you really want to feel despair


Dr. Cubit has found that some people do swipes more aligned with the world, and some people do swipes more aligned with the screen, so level 1 automatically detects and sets your preference for swiping (you can also set this in the options menu).

Quality of Life Changes


The experiment select screen automatically scrolls to your last played experiment (can be disabled in options)


Your best solution for each experiment will be saved and can be played back from the options menu

Other Changes

  • Unlocking new experiments has been changed
    • After the first few experiments, more levels are unlocked at a time preventing interns from getting stuck on one individual level
    • Levels locked because of game progress, and levels locked because they need to be purchased are differentiated by the paid levels being greyed out.
    • Unplayed levels now have a “New” tag on them
  • Added new promo and buttons for unlocking experiments
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the finish could not be hit (especially on level 50)
  • Added new consent flow to analytics
    • Interns are opted out by default, Dr. Cubit will ask you to opt in after updating
    • Can opt in/out in options main menu
    • Have option to delete data in main menu