Prisms is a free 3D spatial puzzle game, initially released for Android and iOS. You play the role of a newly hired intern of Dr. Cubit’s. Dr. Cubit is an underfunded, genius, zany scientist on the leading edge of cube-based research. As his intern, you can earn his satisfaction by assisting with scientific research in the form of rolling around cubes, attaching different shapes to your cube, then orienting your cube correctly to match up with shaped gates. During your internship, you will encounter 3 different shapes. The circle and square can be placed in any direction, while the triangle must be oriented correctly. You may also encounter teleporters and flooring that’s only temporarily visible, requiring additional spatial reasoning. There are 20 exciting experiments available for free and 5 crazy bonus experiments available by performing tests to Dr. Cubit’s standards. If you choose to fund Dr. Cubit’s research for $4.99, you can run 20 more challenging experiments and 5 more bonus experiments (not for the weak-minded)!


Many people compare Prisms to be similar to manipulating a Rubik’s Cube, and, in fact, they’d be correct. The game was originally conceived while Dusty was playing with the famous cube. He pitched the game to a few friends, but they didn’t have enough time to do the game justice and the idea was abandoned. It would have stayed that way if not for some self-directed projects while attending UCF’s FIEA program, where Dusty learned to program and began working on the project as a solo developer. After graduating he themed the game to be similar to Valve’s game, PORTAL and showed the game to a few of the Valve employees with the hopes of getting a job. That didn’t work out, so he continued working on the project and reskinned the game to the retro-future style we see today. He hired a few contractors to help complete the project, as he had been working on the project for several years on and off at that point. The contractors delivered awesome work and the game was set for release for the 18th of December, 2020.


  • Learn about Dr. Cubit and his friendly robot PRISMO over 20 challenging spatial puzzle levels.
  • Unlock the hidden challenges of 5 bonus levels by solving the puzzles more optimally.
  • Master the prism and learn to manipulate all 3 shapes.
  • No ads, no timers, no recurring microtransactions, no selling your data. This isn't some sort of dystopian spyware, this is REAL SCIENCE!
  • Optional $4.99 purchase to unlock 20 more levels with several new mechanics and 5 additional bonus levels for a total of 50 levels.
  • Visualize and complete successful experiments with invisible flooring.
  • Unleash the potential of the cube, teleporting to new areas.


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Prisms. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Prisms Credits

Adam Cohen
Lead Level Design (DLC), Lead Puzzle Design (DLC), Lead Narrative Design, Character Development
Adam Ryoma Tazi
Character Illustration, Character Development, Character Concept Art, Additional 2D Art
Matt Scime
Gameplay and Menu Music
Sarah Kempton
Voice of Adra
Arlen Eldridge
Additional Level Design
Jen Melnick
Special Thanks for artistic contributions
Dusty Hunsaker
Game Design, Level Design, Sound Design, Character Design, Programming, 3D Art, Marketing, and basically everything else not listed elsewhere