Dust Productions was formed with the goal of combining art and code to create elegant interactive experiences. We create awesome technical solutions to awesome technical problems. Our work is guaranteed to be modern, clean, and done the right way.


Hobby Projects and Antecedents

As with many game developers, Dusty Hunsaker grew up playing Atari, Nintendo, and fighting with DOS command lines as a kid to launch games on floppy disks. Although he was always doodling animations in the corners of his notebooks with stick figures, it wasn’t until high school and learning Microsoft Powerpoint that he was able to transfer his skills to a digital medium. Powerpoint, being far from a great animation tool, was replaced by Macromedia Flash. After making several animations on his own, he collaborated with another developer from earning credit on his first game (Brink of Alienation 3), to moderate critical acclaim.

Professional Work

After several collaborations using Macromedia Flash, launching a website, graduating college, and realizing the landscape for launching games was changing to no longer require printing games on disks, Dusty decided to work on games full time. He was hired as a game tester, but did not find the work creative enough to continue. After earning a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida’s FIEA program (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy), he worked many contracts (for companies such as WB, Iron Galaxy, 5th Cell) and began work on the game that would eventually be released as Prisms. He was then hired by Shadow Health, Inc. a company making simulations for nursing students. He left that company after about 4 years to focus on his own company, Dust Productions, LLC.

Dust Productions, LLC

Dust Productions, LLC was founded on Jan 6th, 2016. Because Dust Productions was a solo project, Dusty realized he needed to make tools in order to maximize his ability to create games in a short amount of time. These tools would eventually be released on the Unity Asset Store as the product Trigger Me Timbers, ending 3 years of unprofitability for the company. Most recently, Dust Productions spends about half of its time working on games and apps for various other organizations. The other half is spent working on the company’s projects. The most recent release is the mobile puzzle game Prisms, which has been in development on and off for over 5 years.

What’s next

The ultimate goal of Dust Productions is to change the world through the games, apps, and simulations it makes. Games are more than just ways to be entertained. Because they are an interactive medium, they have the advantage over other artistic mediums to allow the player freedom of expression, which Dust Productions believes can make a deeper impact than any traditional artistic medium. Because of this, they hope to be able to work on impactful games of their own design full-time.




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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Dusty Hunsaker