Happy Cow and Friends Hangout

WordPress Website

For 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  You can find it at: happycowhangout.org

Custom Plugins

Define sanctuary residents to have them automatically sorted into sections on the website with their own donation link


Written instructions for how to use the website and its features for the client


Our Contributions

Dust Productions first met with this 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal sanctuary to discuss the desired goals of a website.  We put together a few proposals for the different features and estimated costs, and determined WordPress was the ideal solution, as it's powerful even for less technically inclined users.  Over the next few weeks, the different pages were wireframed and scope was nailed down.  During this time, the webhosting was setup and an "Under Construction" page was launched.

Behind the scenes, on a staging website, the pages were stubbed out with placeholder text and assets.  One of the major aspects of this project was the page displaying the "residents" of the sanctuary.  Because this could change often, it needed to be dynamic and easy to update.  We created a custom post type for the residents, so each animal would have its own page with a custom layout.  We also integrated Donorbox, which is a was for people to donate to the sanctuary, and donate towards specific animals' care.

We also put together a little handbook on how to do basic things on the website, such as update pages, add new residents, etc.  We also take an active role in maintaining the site by doing automated backups, providing white-glove support, and ensuring the site is protected from vulnerabilities.

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Created to better humanity by Dust Productions LLC