National Center for Construction Education and Research App

Mobile App

Optimized for iOS and Android


Input text, get voice from Amazon Polly, then automatically lipsync for fast iteration times

Waypoint System

Have conversations with different construction avatars across different locations


Our Contributions

Dust Productions was asked to assist graduate students with the creation of an app for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  This involved making several new workflows and frameworks in order to make the creation as seamless as possible.

One of the first things we worked on was refactoring how the characters moved from place to place and interacted with the environment and other characters.  For this, we created a waypoint system as well as a conversation system, so the characters could talk to one another.  For ease of use, the players and characters also needed to be able to teleport around the construction site to more quickly go through the learning objectives as well as be able to go back and review the content.  The system was created in such a way that any number of objectives could be added and removed, and conversations could be updated without adverse problems showing up in other parts of the simulation.

Another important aspect of this workflow was the ability to quickly implement content.  A pipeline was setup to input text, press some buttons, and have a character's voice generated from Amazon Polly, as will as have that character's voice lip-synced in a natural way.  This system was flexible enough to eventually be used for other AI voice generation as well.

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