Shadow Health

Web Based

Simulations optimized for delivery in the web browser for graduate and undergraduate nursing schools

Concept Labs

Interactive learning modules focused around particular topics, such as medications, common pathologies, and disease progressions

Virtual Patients

Conversation-based learning with AI powered patients

Realtime Feedback

Positive feedback loops reinforce learning and critical thinking, leading to better patient outcomes

Objective Data Collection

Using a wide array of diagnostic tools, tests, and procedures

Medically Accurate

Whether it be for clinical imaging, guideline adherence, or medication prescribing, information presented is cited with clinical research

“Health Assessment has really improved my assessment skills, and how to do different types of focused assessments that I do not ordinarily do. It also makes me think deeper about how the different systems interact with one another, and reminds me that all are vitally important.”

- Nursing Student

Pharmacology helped to improve my therapeutic communication as well as interview effectively so I could get the necessary information needed to properly care for my patient.

- Nursing Student

Shadow Health provides many helpful tactics to help assess a patient in real life. I tried to assess someone before I even took a look at Health Assessment and I was clueless. After looking at these assignments, things became so much more easier on me. I started imagining myself working on Tina Jones and pretty much bringing the assignment to life.

- Nursing Student

I am glad we were given the chance to practice on a geriatric patient because when it comes to real life I find myself nervous but eager to help. This simulation gave me the chance to practice my therapeutic communication skills.

- Nursing Student

Taking Shadow Health's Leadership simulation has forced me to think beyond the scope of everyday delivery of nursing care. It forces me to think as a leader and how to handle interprofessional communications. In addition, it has helped with talking to and solving everyday problems with patients in a very professional manner without hurting anyone while adhering to organization's policies and procedures.

- Nursing Student

Our Contributions

Dusty worked with Shadow Health for over 4 years.  Initially he was brought on to solve a number of UI / UX challenges the organization was facing with their newest product, Undergraduate Pharmacology.  In user tests, one particular activity was taking students 45 minutes - 1 hour, even though that was one activity in a whole assignment that was supposed to take that long.  A new interface was designed, prototyped, programmed, and tested quickly, resolving the issues.

The next big project for Shadow Health involved creating an in-simulation guide for users on what types of questions the should be asking.  although it was a group effort, it was championed, designed, and implemented by Dusty. This project was one of the most successful features ever implemented by the company.  it raised student satisfaction and adoption, and decreased churn across the board for all assignments and products in which it was used.

As a Product Owner for Shadow Health, Dusty led the simulation development team to create several more successful products and features, including the highest rated product in Shadow Health history, Advanced Pharmacology.  This product's initial launch had a satisfaction of over 9 on a 0-10 scale, beating all other simulations products the company had released up to that time.  The Advanced Pharmacology product is still the highest rated simulation product Shadow Health has ever made.

After leaving Shadow Health, the CEO contracted Dust Productions to mock up the vision of what the future of Shadow Health could look like.  The idea was to pitch Shadow Health's roadmap to larger companies with the goal of being acquired.  The CEO shared the vision, and Dust Productions created dozens of mockups over the next few weeks to solidify this vision.  These mockups were used in marketing materials and pitch decks, which eventually led to Shadow Health being acquired by Elsevier in 2020.


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