Ask Meno

Web Based

Simulations optimized for delivery in the web browser for Elementary schools

Historical Figures

Curiosity-based learning using conversation with AI powered historical figures

Imaginitive Settings

Whether it's the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or learning how to use a compass, the environment in the activities change, to inspire student questions

Our Contributions

Ask Meno contacted Dust Productions because they needed someone to hire a few key technical staff members.  Dust Productions determined the requirements, skills, and timelines for hiring.  After determining their needs, we sought to contract a Character Artist and hire a full-time Art Lead.

The Character Artist was the immediate priority, so we first needed to figure out the style of characters they were trying to create.  While collaborating on that, Dust Productions began writing up the job description, and establishing the workflow for the hiring process.  Once the character's style was roughly determined, the job description was posted.  Dust Productions also leveraged industry connections, and evaluated portfolios of artists independently looking for work.  The result of this was the contracting of an experienced character artist who created a number of high-quality assets for the company.

The Art Lead was an interesting challenge because many candidates were evaluated against so many criteria.  They needed expertise in 2D art, 3D art, animation, running teams, creating products, world-building, hiring, working with contractors, etc.  On top of all this, the preference was for a local candidate.  Many amazing portfolios were evaluated, and the top 3 candidates were given technical interviews and deeply evaluated across 15 different categories.  In the end, a summary was provided to Ask Meno, and they hired the recommended candidate.  From talking to the folks at Ask Meno afterwards, he has taken the company from just thinking about individual art assets to thinking about the big-picture, creating consistency and creativity for the whole world of Ask Meno.  Sounds like a win in my book!

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