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ITriggerable Interface

Implement this interface on anything you want to hook into a Trigger. Useful if you have some other inheritance (preventing you from inheriting from the Triggerable class), and still want to leverage everything TriggerMeTimbers has to offer.

Namespace:  DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers
Assembly:  DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers (in DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers.dll) Version: (
public interface ITriggerable

The ITriggerable type exposes the following members.

Public methodTriggerHit
This is the main way to use ITriggerables. This method is called by Trigger, which will pass in either true or false depending on the conditions of the Trigger. This can also be called by things other than Triggers, but it's good practice to turn whatever wants to call this into a Trigger so that it's easily reusable.
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