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Trigger Methods

The Trigger type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCheckTriggerString
A convenience method that can be used to determine if either TrueTrigger or FalseTrigger have certain values. This will also automatically call HitTrigger for you if it finds a match.
Protected methodGetTriggerDropdownOptions
Triggers are responsible for defining what their triggers actually are. This method is used to fetch the strings to display in the editor dropdowns for TrueTrigger and FalseTrigger.
Public methodHandleComponentAdded
Can be called by ITriggerables to add to the Triggerables array. If a ITriggerable is added to this component, it will be added to the array.
Protected methodHitTrigger
Called when something the Trigger cares about has happened. You can call this directly, or indirectly using CheckTriggerString().
Protected methodOnValidate
The OnValidate method called by Unity.
Protected methodReset
The Reset method called by Unity.
Protected methodWaitRoutine
This will be called if there is a delay between when the a trigger is hit, and when we want to notify the Triggerables about the hit.
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