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TriggerableTriggerHit Method (MonoBehaviour, Boolean)

This is the main way to use Triggerables. This method is called by Trigger, which will pass in either true or false depending on the conditions of the Trigger. This can also be called by things other than Triggers, but it's good practice to turn whatever wants to call this into a Trigger so that it's easily reusable.

Namespace:  DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers
Assembly:  DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers (in DustProductions.TriggerMeTimbers.dll) Version: (
public void TriggerHit(
	MonoBehaviour triggeringBehaviour,
	bool triggerValue


Type: MonoBehaviour
The object that's hitting the Triggerable, usually you pass in "this".
Type: SystemBoolean
The status of the triggeringBehaviour. Triggerables are set up to do different things based on what is passed in to them.


ITriggerableTriggerHit(MonoBehaviour, Boolean)
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