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DiskUtilitiesTryConvertToPossibleAssetPath Method

Attempts to take a full path and find a folder with the name of the const NameOfAssetsFolder (Currently "Assets/"). Note: this will just look for the first instance of the name, if you nest your actual assets folder inside of another folder with the same name, I have no pity for you.

Namespace:  DustProductions.Core
Assembly:  DustProductions.Core (in DustProductions.Core.dll) Version: (
public static bool TryConvertToPossibleAssetPath(
	string pathToConvert,
	out string convertedPath


Type: SystemString
The input path which may or may not have an assets folder in it
Type: SystemString
Path starting with the first character of the assets folder (Currently "A")

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True if a folder named Assets can be found, false otherwise
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